Coronary Atherosclerosis Symptoms

Coronary Atherosclerosis Symptoms


Every organ and muscle in the body is supplied with blood through the coronary arteries. Blood, on the other hand, supplies nutrients and oxygen to maintain the proper functioning of these organs and muscles. However, when the arteries are narrowed, this can result to insufficient amount of nutrition and oxygenated blood. Some of the most common coronary atherosclerosis symptoms include the following:



  • One of the first and most noticeable sign of this condition is pain the chest. This pain is also referred to as angina pectoris, which causes the muscles of the heart to degenerate due to insufficient oxygen. The pain feels like crushing or squeezing in the breastbone or sternum. It can also be felt towards the back, shoulders, neck, jaw and arms.


  • Due to oxygen deficiency in the body, particularly in the brain, an individual may feel weak and fatigued. Bouts of dizziness and feeling of lightheadedness can also be experienced as early symptoms of such condition.
  • Another symptom of coronary atherosclerosis is dyspnea or shortness of breath. This symptom may occur due to the body’s inability to supply sufficient amount of oxygen. Breathing rate may rise to be able to supply enough oxygen to the muscles of the heart, thus leading to dyspnea.
  • Complete blockage of the arteries, particularly the coronary artery, can cut off the supply of blood to the heart. This may result to diminished function of the heart muscles, thus causing it to become arrhythmic or with irregular heartbeats. Obstruction in the flow of blood towards the heart can cause total deterioration of the muscles in the heart, thus causing cardiac arrest.
  • Profuse sweating and nausea are common coronary atherosclerosis symptoms as well. This is often due to CAD or coronary artery disease. Although these symptoms are uncommon, few patients suffering from such condition complains about these symptoms as well. Both symptoms can also be due to angina or chest pain.

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